Vol 29, No 2-3

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Application of ozone in fresh-cut iceberg lettuce refrigeration PDF
Fernanda Galgano, M.C. Caruso, N. Condelli, S Stassano, F. Favati 61-64
Influence of edible coating on postharvest physiology ana quality of honeydew melon fruit (Cucumis melo L. inodorus) PDF
Maristella Vanoli, M. Grassi, M. Buccheri, A. Rizzolo 65-74
Assessment of antioxidant activity of carotenoid-enriched extracts from peach fruits using the new LOX/RNO method PDF
M.N. Laus, M. Soccio, D. Giovannini, E. Caboni, I. Quacquarelli, M.L. Maltoni, F. Scossa, E. Condello, D. Pastore 75-83
‘Conference’ and ‘Abbé Fétel’ pears treated with 1-methylcyclopropene: physiological and quality implications of initial low oxygen stress and controlled atmosphere storage PDF
M. Vanoli, M. Grassi, G. Bianchi, M. Buccheri, Anna Rizzolo 84-96
Decay control of cold stored Citrus clementina Hort. ex Tan. fruit by pre- and postharvest application of potassium phosphite PDF
Maria Concetta Strano, S. Di Silvestro, M. Coniglione, R. Magnano San Lio 97-102
Evaluation of postharvest storage and treatments in cut ruscus foliage PDF
Roberta Bulgari, M. Negri, A. Ferrante 103-108
Postharvest changes in quality characteristics, antioxidant activity and bioactive compounds of peach and nectarine cultivars [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] PDF
M. Nuzzi, M. Grassi, A. Sartori, M. Terlizzi, Marina Buccheri 109-115
Ethylene and the postharvest performance of cut camellia flowering branches PDF
M. Caser, L. Seglie, R. Bizioli, Valentina Scariot 116-120
Soilless cultivation of cherry tomato with gutter subirrigationn and reused substrate PDF
M. Capodilupo, M. Stipic, Accursio Venezia 121-124
Effect of short heat treatments with a sodium bicarbonate solution on storability of the yellow germoplasm plum 'Meloni' PDF
Maria Giovanna Molinu, A. Dore, G. D'hallewin 125-132
Effect of film packaging and storage temperature on physical and chemical changes in fresh-cut green asparagus PDF
Amedeo Palma, Mario Schirra, S. D'Aquino 133-140
Influence of azoxystrobin dip treatments on postharvest decay of second-crop fig (Ficus carica) fruits from Sardinian germoplasm PDF
Salvatore D'Aquino, Amedeo Palma, D. Satta, L. De Pau, Mario Schirra 141-144
Importance of food labeling as a mean of information and traceability according to consumers PDF
S. Bancarella, Luca Altamore, V. Valdesi, S. Chironi, M. Ingrassia 145-151
Effects of modified atmosphere packaging on quality parameters of minimally processed table grape during cold storage PDF
G. Liguori, Giuseppe Sortino, C. De Pasquale, Paolo Inglese 152-154

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