Vol 31, No 3

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Full-­length papers

Tuber yield and processing traits of potato advanced selections PDF
S. Melito, V. D'Amelia, R. Garramone, C. Villano, D. Carputo 151-156
Salicylic acid improves salinity-alkalinity tolerance in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) PDF
A.-A. Amirinejad, M. Sayyari, F. Ghanbari, S. Kordi 157-163
Nuclear 2C DNA and genome size analysis in somatic embryo regenerated gladiolus plants using flow cytometry PDF
A. Mujib, M. Ali, D. Tonk, N. Zafar 165-174
Uniform and virus-free citrus rootstocks production via nucellus culture PDF
A. Sepehrtaj, A.R. Shahsavar 175-181
Field evaluation of three biopesticides for control of the raspberry cane midge, Resseliella thobaldi (Barnes) in Bulgaria PDF
M. Mohamedova 183-189
An examination into the effects of frozen storage of olive fruit on extracted olive oils PDF
M. Asheri, M.M. Sharifani, G. Kiani 191-198
Aggressiveness of four Fusarium head blight species on wheat cultivars PDF
N. Sakr 199-203
Effect of different physio-chemical factors on sex expression and fruit yield in green-house cucumber PDF
M. Golabadi, P. Golkar, A.-R. Eghtedari 205-214
Commercial advantages on basil architecture by ultraviolet-B irradiation PDF
A. Ciurli, T. Huarancca Reyes, L. Guglielminetti 215-221

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