Vol 30, No 3

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Arbuscular mycorrhizal isolate and phosphogypsum effects on growth and nutrients acquisition of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) PDF
M. Ibrahim 121-128
Micropropagation of three endemic and endangered fig (Ficus carica L.) genotypes PDF
S.T. Shahcheraghi, A. Shekafandeh 129-134
Insight on trans-plasma membrane behavior of virus-infected plant cells PDF
A. Luvisi, E. Rinaldelli 135-139
Morpho-physiological alteration in common bermudagrass [Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.] subjected to limited irrigation and light condition PDF
N. Adamipour, H. Salehi, M. Khosh-khui 141-149
Salicylic acid at different plant growth stages affects secondary metabolites and phisico-chemical parameters of greenhouse tomato PDF
J. Javanmardi, N. Akbari 151-157
Pre-storage putrescine treatment maintains quality and prolongs postharvest life of Musa acuminata L. PDF
M.S. Hosseini, S.M. Zahedi, Z. Fakhar 159-164
Bioactivity of selected essential oils from medicinal plants found in Fiji against the Spiralling whiteflies (Aleurodicus dispersus Russell) PDF
R.R. Chand, A.D. Jokhan, R.D. Gopalan 165-174
Comparative characterization of fruit quality, phenols and antioxidant activity of de-pigmented “Ghiaccio” and white flesh peaches PDF
D. Ceccarelli, C. Talento, A. Sartori, M. Terlizzi, E. Caboni, K. Carbone 175-181
Effect of pre- and postharvest salicylic acid treatment on quality characteristics of tomato during cold storage PDF
E. Baninaiem, A.M. Mirzaaliandastjerdi, S. Rastegar, Kh. Abbaszade 183-192

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