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Rossano Massai

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From traditional orchards to advanced fruitculture: establishing the bases of commercial horticulture in Afghanistan PDF
G. Masini, E. Giordani 197-205
Phenotypic characterisation of almond accessions collected in Afghanistan PDF
E. Giordani, M. Berti, M.R. Yaqubi 207-216
Implications of investigating pollination and cross compatibility in the almond varieties of Afghanistan PDF
G.J. Cullen, G.R. Samadi, A.H. Zarghon, M.R. Yaqubi 217-223
Selected pomegranate germplasm from Afghanistan: morphological variability and relationship among collected accessions PDF
E. Giordani, M. Berti, M.R. Yaqubi, S. Stanikzai, A. Amad, B. Zadran, A. Saeedi, M. Ghous 225-230
Introduction of determination of optimum harvest date in Afghanistan. Sweet cherry: a case study PDF
F. Valori, A. Ahkbari, M.R. Yaqubi, N. Enayat, F. Azizi, M. Wali Adel 231-237
The phytosanitary status of the National Collection of fruits and nuts of Afghanistan and the private Mother Stock Nurseries: a virus survey PDF
S. Rehman, J. Ahmad, C. Lanzoni, C. Rubies Antonel, C. Ratti 239-248
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