Vol 31, No 4

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Full-­length papers

Detection of not allowed food-coloring additives (copper chlorophyllin; copper-sulphate) in green table olives sold on the Italian market PDF
C. Negro, L. De Bellis, E. Sabella, E. Nutricati, A. Luvisi, A. Miceli 225-233
The Influence of synthetic strigolactones and plant extracts on the morphological parameters of onion (Allium cepa) PDF
T. Kopta, M. Antal, M. Jurica, J. Volkova, R. Pokluda 235-240
Genetic variability and correlation studies in grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) in Leh District of Jammu and Kashmir PDF
T. Dolkar, M.K. Sharma, A. Kumar, M.S. Mir, S. Hussanin 241-247
‘Superior Seedless’ grafted on three selected grapevine rootstocks grown on calcareous soil under diluted brackish water irrigation. I. Growth performances PDF
I.M. Qrunfleh, T.G. Ammari, S. Abu-Romman 249-256
Solar radiation levels modify the growth traits and bromatological composition of Cichorium intybus PDF
F. Schwerz, J. Sgarbossa, T. Olivoto, E. F. Elli, A. C.M. Aguiar, B. O. Caron, D. Schmidt 257-265
Gamma rays induced variations in seed germination, growth and phenotypic characteristics of Zinnia elegans var. Dreamland PDF
B. Pallavi, S.K. Nivas, L. D'Souza, T.R. Ganapathi, S. Hegde 267-273
‘Superior Seedless’ grapevine grafted on three rootstocks grown on calcare- ous soil under diluted brackish water irrigation. II. Expression of antioxidant genes PDF
I.M. Qrunfleh, S. Abu-Romman, T.G. Ammari 275-280
Anatomical and morphological changes in scion of some olive grafting combinations under water deficit PDF
A. Dadashpour, A. Shekafandeh, R. Oladi 281-288
Investigation on rooting ability of twenty olive cultivars from Southern Italy PDF
C. Cirillo, R. Russo, F. Famiani, C. Di Vaio 311-317
Phenolic metabolism and antioxidant activity during endodormancy of Kiwifruit buds PDF
E. Abedi Gheshlaghi, V. Rabiei, M. Ghasemi, J. Fattahi, F. Razavi 319-327

Short note

Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill. growing in soil and containers for urban agriculture in developing areas PDF PDF
A. Pardini, F. Massolino, C. Grassi 289-294


A mini-review of essential oils in the South Pacific and their insecticidal properties PDF
R.R. Chand, A.D. Jokhan, R.D. Gopalan 295-310

Invited paper

EVOO or not EVOO? A new precise and simple analytical tool to discriminate extra virgin olive oils PDF
C. Taiti, E. Marone 329-337

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