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A calcium lactate treatment at harvest, growing system and refrigerated modified atmosphere can affect strawberry's 'Camaraosa' postharvest quality? PDF
M. Harris, M.C. Llorens, D. Frezza 3-10
Effect of pre-harvest putrescine treatment on quality and postharvest life of pear cv. Spadona PDF
M.S. Hosseini, Z. Fakhar, M. Babalar, M.A. Askari 11-17
Improving oil and flavonoid contents of milk thistle under water stress by salicylic acid PDF
K. Ghassemi-Golezani, S. Ghassemi, I. Yaghoubian 19-23
Effects of nutritive solution electrical conductivity and plant density on growth, yield and quality of sweet basil grown in gullies by subirrigation PDF
G. Morano, C. Amalfitano, M. Sellitto, A. Cuciniello, R. Maiello, G. Caruso 25-30
Effect of pre- and post-harvest salicylic acid treatments on quality and antioxidant Properties of 'Red Delicious' apples during cold storage PDF
M. Hadian-Delijou, M. Esna-Ashari, H. Sarikhani 31-38
Flower anatomy related to blooming development of Berberis microphylla G. Forst Berberida microphylla G. Forst (berberidaceae) PDF
S. Radice, M. Arena 39-44
Development of pollination and in vitro germination techniques to improve the hybridization in Hydrangea spp. PDF
G.A. Venturieri, B. Nesi, S. Lazzereschi, S. Pecchioli, G. Burchi 45-51
Physiological responses of olive cultivars to salinity stress PDF
M. Rahemi, S. Karimi, S. Sedaghat, A. Ali Rostami 53-59
The impact of fruit temperature dynamics on heat stress tolerance of selected oil pumpkin genotypes PDF
A. Urban Krajnc, J. Rakun, P. Berk, A. Ivancic 61-73

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