Biochemical characterization of artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus L.) spring genotypes from Marche and Abruzzo regions (Central Italy)

Angelica Galieni, Fabio Stagnari, Michele Pisante, Cristiano Platani, Nadia Ficcadenti


Ten artichoke genotypes from Marche and Abruzzo Regions [Ascolano (As), Castorano (Cs), Clone Monsampolo, Jesino (Je), Mazzaferrata (Mz), Montelupone A, Montelupone B, Urbisaglia1 (Ub_1), Urbisaglia2 and Violetto Tardivo di Pesaro] were characterized for their quality traits and peculiar end-use attitudes, in comparison with the reference Romanesco Clone C3 (Cl_C3). Total polyphenols content (TPC), total flavonoid content (TFC) and antiradical activity were assessed in the receptacle and external bracts of both main and first order capitula. Cl_C3 showed high TPC and TFC values in the receptacle of the main flower heads (7.4 mg gallic acid equivalents, GAE, g-1 dry weight, DW, and 3.6 mg rutin equivalents, RUE, g-1 DW, respectively), confirming its attitude for fresh consumption. Je and Ub_1 showed great and stable (among main and first order capitula) head quality, highlighting their potential for breeding programs to enhance the content of functional compounds. Conversely, Mz and As could be appreciable for processing or pharmaceutical applications, being characterized by great TPC (external bracts, first order capitula: 2.8 and 2.7 mg GAE g-1 DW, respectively) and TFC (external bracts, first order capitula: 2.1 and 2.7 mg GAE g-1 DW, respectively) values in the waste parts. High correlations between TPC and TFC with antiradical activity were also observed. Our results suggest the possibility to promote the utilization in genetic breeding programs of the autochthonous artichoke populations, according to their peculiar characteristics, including also their biochemical composition.


antiradical activity; artichoke genotypes; capitula quality traits; total phenolic content

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