Genetic variability and correlation studies in grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) in Leh District of Jammu and Kashmir

T. Dolkar, M.K. Sharma, A. Kumar, M.S. Mir, S. Hussanin


The present investigations on genetic variability and correlation in wild grape accessions were carried out in the most favourable regions of Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir. Fifty wild grape accessions from five different villages of the district were marked and evaluated for important morphological traits i.e. yield and quality parameters. Data on various vegetative, fruit physical and fruit chemical characters were taken. Significant variations were observed for all the characters studied except number of seeds per berry. High genotypic coefficient of variance (GCV) and phenotypic coefficient of variance (PCV) were recorded for yield (21.73 and 22.81), yield efficiency (41.19 and 52.73), bunch weight (21.07 and 21.23), number of berries per bunch (22.31 and 25.28), berry length (21.69 and 22.07), berry weight (21.13 and 21.28) and total sugars (22.69 and 22.70). Out of twenty studied characters, thirteen characters registered high heritability estimates, while five recorded moderate heritability estimates and number of seeds per berry and acidity showed low heritability estimates. However, cane length (59.40), leaf area (31.43), bunch weight (43.16), number of berries per bunch (27.18) and TSS/acid ratio (25.81) exhibited high genetic advance as percentage of mean indicating additive gene effect. Fruit or berry yield was positively and significantly correlated with bunch length (0.652), bunch breadth (0.584), bunch weight (0.946), number of berries per bunch (0.672), berry breadth (0.363) and number of seeds per berry (0.612). This study revealed that the characters such as yield, bunch length, bunch weight, number of bunch per vine, berry weight, number of berries per bunch, total soluble solids and total sugars are the most important traits for selecting best grape accessions.


genotype coefficinet; heritability; phenotypic coefficient; yield

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