Beneficial effects of foliar application of organic chelate fertilizers on French bean production under field conditions in a calcarous soil

Mohammad Kazem Souri, Maryam Aslani


Aminochelate are organic-based chelate fertilizers with higher efficiency
for agricultural applications. In the present study, foliar application of
three organic-based chelate fertilizers, a macro-micro mixture and soil applied NPK were evaluated on French bean growth characteristics under open field in a calcareous soil. The results showed that plant growth, pod yield (79%) and pod quality were improved by application of chelate fertilizers. Growth parameters as plant height, number of leaves and lateral shoots, shoot dry weight, pod number and pod length were significantly increased by foliar application of the chelate fertilizers. The concentrations of nitrogen, potassium and iron in pods and above all in leaves were increased by foliar application of chelate fertilizers compared to control and soil applied NPK. Pod pH and TSS were not influenced by treatments; however, foliar application of the chelate fertilizers resulted in higher titratable acidity (40%), vitamin C (112%) and protein (35%) content of pods. The results indicate that organic-based chelate fertilizers can be effective safer alternatives for simple chemical salts in calcareous soils.


aminochelate; amino acid; calcareous soil; nutrient uptake; pod yield; quality

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