Poultry manure application time and pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) trees

Mohammad Javad Mahmoudi Meimand, Mohammad Hosein Shamshiri, Hamid Reza Roosta, E.U. Khan


The effectiveness of poultry manure application time was studied on
pistachios (Pistacia vera L.) trees. The experiment consisted of seven different poultry manure application time, including poultry manure application as one time in 1) last week of October 2) last week of December 3) last week of January 4) mid-March and dividing into two parts and use in fall or in winter, dividing into four parts and use in dormant seasons (fall and winter). Based on the results, there were significant differences among treatments. The highest number of fruit per cluster (27.4) was found in poultry manure applied in last week of October. The highest nut splitting percent (84.3%) and the lowest nut blanking percent (8.6%) were obtained in poultry manure applied by dividing into four parts. Half kernel nuts followed a similar trend with blanking percent. Weight of 1000 nuts increased and responded positively and number of pistachios nut per ounce decreased by manure application when divided into two parts and used in the winter. Application of poultry manure in the mid-March enhanced the nut protein (19.63%).


nutrients; organic matter; pistachios; poultry manure; yield elements

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/ahs-21898

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