Phenology and pomology of almond’s cultivars and genotypes using multivariate analysis

Ali Imani, Mansoore Shamili


The present research aimed to study the flower and fruit properties of 60 almond’s cultivars and genotypes. All fruit and kernel traits had high heritability (ranged from 20.73 to 92.13%). Double kernel and pistil length showed the most and few genotypic variation, respectively. The most yield belonged to Filippo Ceo, K8-24, Fragiulo and K9-24 (6.9, 6.84, 6.78 and 7.6 kg/tree respectively). Multivariate analysis was the applied technique to determine the relationship among important traits. Kernel weigh caused yield directly and kernel width indirectly. To estimate kernel weight, kernel variables had less R square (0.61) than nut variables (0.94).


flower; kernel; multiple regression; nut; path analysis; yield

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