Intensive plum orchard with summer training and pruning

A. Mika, Z. Buler


An intensive plum orchard model was created for two types of fruit harvesting: by hand and with a self-propelled straddle harvester working in continuous motion. Six plum cultivars grafted on semi dwarfing rootstock ‘Prune Wangenheim’ (Prunus domestica) were planted at three densities (1000, 1250 and 1666 trees/ha). A new training system - central leader spindle - was applied. The leader was not headed after planting and summer training treatments were performed. From the third year onward renewal pruning was done after fruit harvesting. The new training and pruning system resulted in very rapid tree growth, much young wood, fruit bud formation on young wood and early bearing. Trees appeared to be suitable for hand and mechanical harvesting within four years from planting.


canopy structure; fruiting biology; mechanical harvesting; plums; pruning; Prunus domestica; training

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