Production of strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) in mountain areas: a comparative evaluation of two june-bearing cultivars

E. Giordani, W.A. Petrucci, D. Morelli, A. Ferri


Two uniferous strawberry cultivars, ‘Marmolada®Onebor’ and ‘Elsanta’, were tested in three experimental fields located at 1,200 m asl; phenological phases and fruit quality of first and second season crops were compared. Harvesting time in the first year crop occurred 40 days later than in the second season crop. Cultivar significantly affected fruit skin brightness and chroma index, flesh firmness, titratable acidity and yield in the first season crop; the experimental field location exerted a significant effect also on fruit weight and diameter, but not on total acidity. Fruit weight was higher in the second season crop, and ‘Marmolada®Onebor’ fruits (22.7 g) resulted heavier than those of ‘Elsanta’ (19.7 g). Total solid soluble content ranged from 7.4 to 8°Brix in ‘Elsanta’, compared to 6.2 to 7.4°Brix in ‘Marmolada®Onebor’. Neither diseases nor arthropod attacks were noticed on plants and fruits.


elevation cultivation; Elsanta; garden strawberry; Marmolada®Onebor

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