Vol 12, No 2 (2017)

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Meristic and morphometric characters of Leptopelis natalensis tadpoles (Amphibia: Anura: Arthroleptidae) from Entumeni Forest reveal variation and inconsistencies with previous descriptions PDF
Susan Schweiger, James Harvey, Theresa S. Otremba, Janina Weber, Hendrik Müller 125-132
Brown anole (Anolis sagrei) adhesive forces remain unaffected by partial claw clipping PDF
Austin M. Garner, Stephanie M. Lopez, Peter H. Niewiarowski 133-137
Species and sex comparisons of karyotype and genome size in two Kurixalus tree frogs (Anura, Rhacophoridae) PDF
Shun-Ping Chang, Gwo-Chin Ma, Ming Chen, Sheng-Hai Wu 139-150
Non-native turtles in a peri-urban park in northern Milan (Lombardy, Italy): species diversity and population structure PDF
Claudio Foglini, Roberta Salvi 151-156
Species composition and richness of anurans in Cerrado urban forests from central Brazil PDF
Cláudia Márcia Marily Ferreira, Augusto Cesar de Aquino Ribas, Franco Leandro Souza 157-165
The life-history traits in a breeding population of Darevskia valentini from Turkey PDF
Muammer Kurnaz, Ali İhsan Eroğlu, Ufuk Bülbül, Halime Koç, Bilal Kutrup 167-173
Influence of desiccation threat on the metamorphic traits of the Asian common toad, Duttaphrynus melanostictus (Anura) PDF
Santosh Mogali, Srinivas Saidapur, Bhagyashri Shanbhag 175-180

Short Note

Predation of common wall lizards: experiences from a study using scentless plasticine lizards PDF
Jenő J. Purger, Zsófia Lanszki, Dávid Szép, Renáta Bocz 181-186
Reproductive timing and fecundity in the Neotropical lizard Enyalius perditus (Squamata: Leiosauridae) PDF
Serena Najara Migliore, Henrique Bartolomeu Braz, André Felipe Barreto-Lima, Selma Maria Almeida-Santos 187-191
Observations on the intraspecific variation in tadpole morphology in natural ponds PDF
Eudald Pujol-Buxó, Albert Montori, Roser Campeny, Gustavo A. Llorente 193-197
Reliable proxies for glandular secretion production in lacertid lizards PDF
Simon Baeckens 199-204
Diet of juveniles of the venomous frog Aparasphenodon brunoi (Amphibia: Hylidae) in southeastern Brazil PDF
Rogerio L. Teixeira, Ricardo Lourenço-de-Moraes, Débora C. Medeiros, Charles Duca, Rogério C. Britto, Luiz C.B. Bissoli, Rodrigo B. Ferreira 205-208
Who are you? The genetic identity of some insular populations of Hierophis viridiflavus s.l. from the Tyrrhenian Sea PDF
Ignazio Avella, Riccardo Castiglia, Gabriele Senczuk 209-214

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