The first demographic data and body size of the southern banded newt, Ommatotriton vittatus (Caudata: Salamandridae)

Abdullah Altunışık


In this study, the age structure and some life history traits were revealed for the first time in a population of Ommatotriton vittatus, living in Tarsus (mid-south part of Turkey), at the western limit of the species’ range. Maximum longevity was recorded to be eight years in both females and males and age at maturity was estimated as three years for males and four years for females. Although mean age did not differ significantly between sexes, males had significantly larger snout-vent length (SVL) than females. Age and body size were positively correlated with each other for both females and males. Since the populations of the Southern Banded Newt in Turkey are in decline, the present study that provides preliminary data on life history traits of this newt could be helpful for future biological studies. 

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