Age structures and growth parameters of the Levantine frog, Pelophylax bedriagae, at different localities in Denizli, Turkey

Eyup Başkale, Sevay Ayşe Ulubeli, Yakup Kaska


Skeletochronology is a reliable tool for assessing several parameters in amphibian populations. We used skeletochronology to determine the age structure, growth rate, age at first reproduction, and longevity of Levantine frog Pelophylax bedriagae populations from different localities in Denizli, Turkey. All examined individuals (N = 161) exhibited Lines of Arrested Growth in the bone cross-sections. Age structure and age at first reproduction were similar among localities and sexes, while longevity and growth rates showed significant variation among localities. Obtained results were compared with literature data on age-related and grow parameters in Pelophylax bedriagae and cognate species.

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