Scienze del Territorio

Scienze del Territorio is the online journal of the Territorialist Society. The journal hosts pioneering studies pointed at enhancing territorial heritage, bringing back together the diverse meanings of places, frequently divided by confined institutional sciences and practices, and proposing transformation projects based on these guidelines. 

As an identity code of its scientific method and action, the journal promotes forms of meeting and mediation among theoretical thought, technical and local knowledge. It hosts scientific articles as well as contributions from local communities and institutional actors who share this approach and experiment innovation projects and practices.
The journal is intended as an observatory on innovation practices and a place of theoretical reflection on them, providing infor-mation, conceptual and practical tools for active citizenship and institutions engaged in various forms of attention to care and government of territories as common goods. The aim is to foster experience exchange and knowledge dissemination and, in a wider perspective, to trigger continuing education and empowerment, by encouraging and strengthening ways of learning and self-learning which can be catalysed by readings.



Convegno: Lo sguardo territorialista di Leonardo: il cartografo, l’ingegnere idraulico, il progettista di città e territori



Venerdì 15 novembre 2019 Luogo: Empoli 

Divulgazione temi del convegno nei territori dell’Unione dei comuni del Circondario Empolese-Valdelsa  

Luoghi: Vinci, Cerreto Guidi, Capraia e Limite 

Novembre/dicembre 2019 

Mostra interpretativa sulle cartografie leonardiane (Empoli)

Data Inaugurazione: 15 novembre

Comitato scientifico promotore (provvisorio): Alberto Magnaghi (Unifi, presidente della Società dei territorilisti/e), Saverio Mecca (Unifi, presidente della Conferenza Universitaria Italiana di Architettura), Leonardo Rombai (Unifi), Daniela Poli (Unifi), Stefano Bertocci (Unifi), Margherita Azzari (Unifi), Anna Guarducci (Unisi), Carla Romby (Unifi), Andrea Nanetti (University of Singapore), Emanuela Ferretti (Unifi), Marco Prusicki (Politecnico di Milano), Giovanni Cislaghi (Politecnico di Milano), Renzo Rosso (Politecnico di Milano), Rossano Pazzagli (Unimol, Istituto di Ricerca territorio e Ambiente - Leonardo, Pisa), Andrea Cantile (Unifi), Francesco Paolo Di Teodoro (Politecnico di Torino), Maurizio Tira (Unibs, presidente della Società Italiana degli urbanisti), Ilaria Agostini (Unibo), Francesco Ceccarelli (Unibo), Stefano Pagliara (Unipi).

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Posted: 2019-05-28
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