Il messaggio ‘territorialista’ di Pietro Leopoldo

Giacomo Becattini


The year was 1790 and Peter Leopold Habsburg-Lorraine, leaving for Vienna, where he was to become Emperor of Austria, leaves behind a pack of Reports on the Government of Tuscany which, mutatis mutandis, represent a hint for the current territorialism. And not only. The Reports, in fact, make up a detailed account of the situation of Granducato, which was to serve as a guide to his successor in the minor throne of Grand Duke of Tuscany, leading into the new, confusing, alarming and exciting world which was barely emerging at that time. It may be interesting, in the no less confused, but perhaps less hopeful today’s world, to see how Peter Leopold, enlightened by the grace of God and Grand Duke of Tuscany by the will of the Habsburg Dynasty, had programmed its regnant task in the three massive volumes of Relations.


reports on the government of Tuscany; Peter Leopold; Tuscan Enlightenment; territorial economy; neo-territorialism

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