OPEN CONTINUOUS CALL FOR PAPERS: "Reflection and practices on the territorialist project"


The section of the journal Territorial Sciences called Reflection and practices on the territorialist project contains papers providing reflections on the state of the art and the multi‐ and trans‐disciplinary advancement of the territorialist project culture, moving from individual disciplines or ‘clusters’ of them. Such papers are therefore intended as totally independent of the topic dealt with in each monographic issue, and may be sent to the editorial staff at any time regardless of the deadlines connected to each thematic call for papers. They can either be of a general theoretical nature – providing hints aimed at orienting the reflection on territorial sciences – or describe methodo‐ logical, operational or substantial advances contained in specific research or applica‐ tion experiences. Papers should be maximum 30,000 characters (including spaces, about 4,300 words) in length, and must strictly comply with the journal’s editorial standards, downloadable at They will undergo the usual peer re‐view process in double blind and, in case of acceptance, will be immediately published (‘online first’) in a dedicated section of the journal's website (, then inserted in the appropriate section of the first available issue due out after acceptance. The papers – complete in each part – must be sent via e‐mail only to the following address: For any further information, please e‐mail us at:

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Posted: 2017-10-25

Call for Papers: the new call for the 6th issue of Scienze del Territorio is out now!



Number VI, 2018

 [deadline: JUNE 30th, 2017]

"Local economies of the territory as the commons"

The dramatic imbalances and inequalities generated by globalised economy call for a reflection on how to build an alternative to this economic model, destroying territories as it centralises resources and power in a few hands. In order to define a plausible alternative, it is useful to focus on territories and the essential needs of people; it is therefore necessary to rethink development in economic but also social, environmental, cultural terms, relying on the experiences and practices of everyday life, on a widespread access to common goods and on a local territorial dimension.

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Posted: 2017-05-22
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